Apple iPhone 7 Full Specs – Key Features

Apple iPhone 7 Full Specs – Key Features – The next generation launch of iPhone in the event annually in San Francisco, the iPhone 7 Plus & the iPhone 7.



These changes occur with the new phone which includes a new button for home screen, an upgraded camera and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

With the connection of this traditional headphone, the packages of iPhone come up with the earphones and the lighting ports which are used for the transfer of data and charging.

The model is big which is “Plus” and has a “Dual Lens” camera.

Killing The Headphone Jack

The decision which is to make is controversial in removing the headphone jack. It can be shipped with a pair of lightening ear pods. It comforts you by connecting to the charging port and by attaching it with wireless and they are powdered by W1 chip.

The sensors are infrared which detect every pod in the ear and also the sensors that are in motion must be controlled with the headphones in using SIRI and the voice detection.

This air pod provides with the listening capacity and the charging case which also delivers about 24 hour’s battery life. This pod can easily be connected to iPads, laptops and watches of Apple.

Two versions of iPhone 7 model have been released. This will come with the stereo speakers in this first time and the speakers are always placed at the bottom and top of this device.

Upgraded Camera

The light can be enhanced with the revamping of low light capabilities and the sharp photos can be taken with it.

The device is 4.7 inch small which has a lens of 1.8. There is lighter in the lens and the sensor is about 12 MP which is fast and has an efficient energy.

The camera of iPhone 7 Plus is 12 MP which also has a wide angle lens with the high quality of 2X with software usage. The camera can make it zoom properly. The video recording capability is 4K. it captures wide colors.

The image is stabilized with a new camera flash as it improves all the photos in less light. The LED can be doubled with the effective flash.

The front camera was of low mega pixels in the 6 series but now it is 7 MP for selfies as well.


Apple has two new colors in its 7 series. This is available in 5 different colors which has some new shades of black as well.

Glossy and matte black also has silver in it and some of the touch of gold rose in it with the color options of iPhone. Jet black finishes the offer with the models of 256 GB and 128 GB.

The new handset looks similar to the current series of iPhone. They move from the devices to the back edges.

Battery Life

The models have larger battery life which lasts on the 7 last iPhones and they have longer battery time which is also long than iPhone 6s Plus.

IPhone 7 has a battery time which lasts for about 14 hours while using WIFI and has 12 while having 4G on. It can give about 15 hours for WIFI and 4G.

Internal Performance

The model powers with the new Apple phone with Fusion of A10 and has a core of about 64 – bit 4 core CPU.

It is about 40 percent fast as compared to A9 of iPhone and the speed of this processor is double than this. The performance of graphics is powerful in A9.

Water Resistant

IPhones are water resistant and they have IPX 67 which has hardware with immersion withstand of about 1 meter in about 30 minutes.

The high standards of Apple are like waterproofing of the phone and they have a supply chain which is low and has a total production of iPhone.

This company believes to have the production levels lashed in the iPhone 6s. The partner unites with the 6s Plus battery and has aimed for the slow demand of the fallow year’s model. The initial sales are about 13 million in units which are available within three days.

Home Button

A tap tic feedback is given about the home button which vibrates with the touch of the users who give feedback. The feature is used in the laptops of the MacBook laptops.

On September 9, Friday, these orders will start to ship for September 16.

Reports suggest about the supply of the launch with the review of Nikkei Asian Review which claims about the problem that give faulty components and the phone becomes sold out.

How Much It Will Cost?

The cheapest model of iPhone costs about $ 539 but talking about iPhone 7, the prices vary from $ 599 for the model having 32 GB.

The prices of the phone are as follows

The iPhone 7:

  • $ 599 for 32 GB
  • $ 699 for 128 GB
  • $ 799 for 256 GB

The iPhone 7 Plus

  • $ 719 for 32 GB
  • $ 819 for 128 GB
  • $ 919 for 256 GB

Next Year Expectations

The changes in Apple is rumored to be a saving of 2-17 iPhone which has chassis and this is made full of glass and the LCD screens. The company currently uses these features.

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