This week, there was a UC browser task that happened where Manveer, Mona and Rohan were chosen and they could see their moments or messages. Manveer was shown that Bani and Gaurav were bitching about his and Mona’s closeness one night and that really miffed Manveer and a major showdown happened.

Mona got really upset with the whole thing as in the morning, she found out that her boyfriend had sent her old clothes when she had asked for new clothes. She was already upset about that and had cried in the morning. And once again she had to bear such allegations.

She had just recovered from the entire drama when Mona was called by BB to show her the UC browser task video. She was shown what Vikrant had spoken about her when he had come along with Manu’s girlfriend to BB Weekend ka Vaar. He spoke about her closeness with Manu. Mona was shocked at what her boyfriend had to say and she broke down immediately and was uncontrollable.